Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekly recap

Got about 120 miles in on the Tarmac in the last 3 days. Since Wednesday I have also logged 13 miles running. Wednesday's run I managed a 8:42 for 5 miles, not great but it's fantastic to be running again.

Here's a nice reminder of what my ankle looked like back on 1/9/10.
Took advantage of day light savings and got a ride in after work to night.

Got in 52 miles yesterday and squeezed in a apple cinnamon roll at the Black Diamond bakery too!
Team Ride, 2 laps around Mercer Island. Jill pulled for the 1st lap and I pulled for most of the second lap. Glancing at the power data I probably put out 40 additional watts per miles pulling, it's good to be in the draft!

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