Thursday, January 31, 2008


So here goes Blog #1 (at least on this site).

I am going to try this blog out and use it as a record for the training I have been doing lately. You might have to sift through a little bit of boring family and climbing stuff too however :-)

I have several fitness goals in 2008. They include running my first marathon in 11 years (2nd ever), trying my first 1/2 Ironman distance triathlon, climbing Mt Olympus in a single day (46 miles), Improving my times in the Leavenworth and Seattle 1/2 marathon's, and a few others I have not committed fully to yet.

Today was a two a day work out. I felt guilty about taking the last couple day off from running so I logged 4 miles at lunch.

and 9.1 miles of hills tonight with Laura on the North slope of Queen Anne hill.

Generally a group of us have been doing longer runs on Saturday mornings, hills one night during the week, and solo runs on other days.

The charts linked into this page were created using the Nike + Ipod nano system. Cool stuff IMHO.