Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ice Breaker Time Trial

3-6-10 - So, today was my first bicycle race... It went OK. The event was the Ice Breaker Time Trial in Black Diamond. The Time Trial format is pretty simple, ride a specified distance as fast as possible, you against the clock. Today's race was 10 miles on the SE Green Valley rd, 5 out, 5 back. I "raced" the course back on 2-21-10 after a 96 mile ride the day before. I averaged 23.7mph that day, I was working hard but I thought if I was fresh I could get it closer to 25mph. WRONG. I was WAY to amped this morning and went out WAY to fast. 187bpm hr in he 1st minute can't be good, can it? :-) I ended up fading pretty bad on the second half or the race (albeit slightly uphill) and only finished a few seconds faster then my training ride on the 21st.

Overall I had a blast today and look forward to improving for my next race!

Werner and I warming up in the JFT2 tent before the race.

Choppy race video.

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