Thursday, February 7, 2008

Stupid Dodgeball!

I managed to log 4 miles yesterday before dodgeball. That all went fine. Dodgeball was a different story. The opening play I pulled "something" my butt! So, no hills tonight but hopefully with some stretching and Advil I will be ok for Saturday's run.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Back on the bike!

I didn't get a chance to hit the gym today so I broke out the ole 1990 Trek 330. She's been been sitting dormant since last Fall until today. Nothing really to speak of other than a brisk 14/ish mile ride a little North of Matthews Beach. It was a chilly night and the flat tire at the end of the ride didn't help. Felt good to ride again, I am really looking forward to Triathlon season!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Wind but no wet

I expected some nasty weather for my run this afternoon but for the most part I lucked out. The wind was blowing pretty good but the rain held off. I was surprised how good I felt after 15 miles on Saturday and having a little "to good of time" watching the superbowl yesterday. My game plan was 8 miles around a 8:15 pace or so. It felt like I was taking it pretty easy for the first mile (7:53) and after that I picked it up a bit. I will lift tomorrow and go another 6-8 miles Wednesday.
Today's run

Saturday, February 2, 2008

(almost) 15 miles of fun!

Now that I am out of the bath tub I can get moving on the rest of my day. This morning started with a 14.67 mile run with Laura and John. Our goal was 15 so we were in the ball park. We started with 2 laps around Discovery park before leaving the park and doing a 5 mile loop on the bluff and then finished the whole thing off with another lap around the park.

I was in far from top form today (Dodgeball!) but overall I felt great.