Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Update from the last week:
Had a good commute to work on Friday 2/19. Little slow coming home (15.2mph) I had the saddle bag loaded down though.

Saturday 2/20: Had a great ride with Aveen from Jill's team. We started out from the Eastgate Sbux @ 7:15am and I pulled into the house at 3:00pm. This time did of course include a sit down breakfast at the Black Diamond cafe. My GPS puked itself on the "course" I created and downloaded to it so no good power/hr data. I didn't need any data to know I was pretty pooped by the end.

Sunday Morning 2/21 I checked out the Ice Breaker TT course in Black Diamond. The weather was perfect when I started the course around 10:00am. I didn't feel like I had much power after the long ride the day before but I did average a respectable 23.7mph over the 10 mile course. The Felt felt great! Man I love riding that thing on a flat road.

Hunter shot this video of me with eating a GU!

Here's a shot that captures my riding "style" :-)
Later Sunday afternoon Hunter and I rocked 20 miles on the Cedar river trail. it's the perfect trail for us on the tandem, wide and flat! The weather is looking good for this coming weekend so we'll be rockin the tandem at the Chilly Hilly!

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