Saturday, February 6, 2010

um, is it Spring?

Had a great team ride today. A lot of the team showed up for the first 20 or so miles and 2 sets of hills. The third hill (Licorice Fern) was no joke, 2+ miles of climbing with the top section pitching up to about 20 degrees. It was so fun Eimhim and I did the top loop twice :-). We came back via Issaquah-Hobart and dropped the hammer on a few sections of E LK Sammamish. Ended up getting in 57 miles and 4K of climbing in great Spring weather.

Time: 3:38:11
Power: 240W average
Avg Speed: 15.8 mph
Lots of climbing

2/5 After work ride. Was able to take advantage of the great early February weather!
Ride details -

Time: 1:22:06
Avg Speed: 18.7 mph
Power 269W

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