Friday, April 18, 2008

Been a while!

Ok, take 2 on this thing. I got a new pair of Brooks running shoes in February and ever since my Ipod/Nike thing stopped working. On top of that the links into this blog of the run statistics also stopped working so I lost interest.

Anyway, lots of updates from the last 10 weeks!

First off I finished the Whidbey Island Marathon Sunday in 4:05:27, not to shabby but I was hoping it would be faster.

- The first 13 miles went as planned in 1:47 despite some serious hills.
- The next 4 were fine.
- At 17 miles Laura's friend Ernie met us with salted baby potatoes, they were great!
- 19 miles in I tried to use the bathroom w/o success.
- Mile 20 was rough, my quads started cramping
- The last 6 miles was a a combination of running on the flats and downhill and walking the hills.

In recap I am going to try Cytomax, banana's and some more pre-race protein to fight off the cramps. I am planning on running the Eugene marathon on May 4th.

I was able to run 4.5 miles yesterday at an 8 minute pace so I take that as a good sign after only 3 rest days.

My new bike! Felt B12

It was a long silly story trying to get this thing but I love it. Anyone who beats me on the bike this year is simply better than me and not on better equipment.

My first ride on the bad boy was a 45 miler in a March snow storm!

I will be updating this regularly to keep anyone interested up to date on my training and races. On the right pane I have a training schedule and log so check it out from time to time.

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